Is there a Valence roadmap?

Saw the mention of image editing being the first enabled feature.

This one is a challenge:

File identification

Valence uses an approach which takes into account file names, directory structure, tag data, and file length to deliver high-confidence album and track identifications to Roon

Song names - as - algorithm. Okay, sure, but it should stop at the filename and not continue with musical styles displayed within the filename!

In my meager library Roon has screwed up some filenames by “helpfully” including the name of the musical stye IN THE DISPLAYED THE FILENAME. Here’s the thing. It’s not from a stream, where I might not know the version. It’s a CD I ripped. I know both the artist and what to expect. I don’t need to be told it’s in “quaganco” style.

Sometimes it’s [name, style] … which makes it look like the song name has a comma and whatever stylistic word after it.

Sometimes it’s [name] (something else) … which makes it look like the song name includes whatever’s inside the parenthetical.

Sometimes it’s [name/style] … which makes it look like whomever came up with the naming convention just wasn’t consistent.

If you want to tell me a particular copy of a song was done in “cha cha” style, find another way within the UI for that, NOT by the filename please. Make them tags??