Is there a way to automatically add new albums to an existing tag?

Hi all,

I’ve made a tag for a series of compilation albums.
New albums are still coming out in te future and I want them to be automatically added to that TAG.

Now I understand from the Roon knowledge base that this is possible by using ROONALBUMTAG.
But I don’t understand how to add that through my tag program.
I use Tag & Rename as a tag editor.
Does anyone know how to do that?

Or is there a more convenient solution?


Not familiar with that program. Basically, you add that tag to all the album’s tracks. Most tag editors allow you to add a custom tag.

Thanks for your comment.
Unfortunately this is not possible with Tag&Rename (as far as I can see). So I will have to switch to another tag editor … :roll_eyes:

Mp3tag is a free metadata editor , very eady and capable, and most important not limited to mp3 files

Thanks Dirk,
I’ll try that.

It looks like it doesn’t support flac. Most of my musicfiles are flac or wav format. :smirk:

Mp3Tag definitely supports FLAC.

OK, I’ll go figure it out. Thanks