Is there a way to bookmark Knowledge Base pages?

In a response to a discussion on Tidal, someone posted a link to a Knowledge Base FAQ page. As a newcomer I found the page very helpful. (

I looked for a “Bookmark this page” link but couldn’t find one. That would be a useful feature, so as to have an easily accessible personal list of “helpful hints.” I did save it to my Evernote account, but I’d prefer having it accessible within this site.

Any chance of adding this feature? Or does it already exist?


I was able to bookmark it in Chrome just by clicking the star as usual. Bookmarking is a function of your browser not the KB or the forum. You may need to “find” the star, the way it opened for me on my tablet the bookmarking star is in the three dots at the far right of the address bar

Use Pocket addon to your browser.

Yes, but that doesn’t help when I’m accessing the website from different devices/browsers. My request is for bookmarking to be a function of the Knowledge Base–just like you can bookmark a conversation here:


(It looks like this should be in the “feature request” section but I don’t know how to put it there.)


Added feature request tag. Any thoughts on bookmarking a Knowledge Base page like you can bookmark a conversation?

The KB is hosted by different software than the forum. The base forum software is what allows threads to be bookmarked. Perhaps this forum software could become the host of the KB and thus pick up all of it’s features.

You know, I just thought of a work around. Start your own thread, title it “useful KB articles” or something like that and then add links to the KB articles you want to bookmark. Then bookmark the thread. You can continue add links to the thread as you see KB articles you want.

That is of course if this practice does not violate the use policies of the forum?? ::wink:

Use browser bookmarks. That’s what they’re for and what the mods do.

Is sharing bookmarks across devices such an issue that you want to divert resources away from Roon related stuff to KB bookmarks ?

It’s all about improving the experience, right? Helping new people find and easily go back to the KB articles from where ever they happen to be when coming to this forum is what this topic is about, which would improve some peoples experience with Roon, wouldn’t it?

Yep. You’re pushing against an open door so far as I’m concerned. I’ve wanted a link from this Forum to the KB ever since the KB started. But Discourse doesn’t implement it well across all platforms (phones etc) so it needs a project to get it right. The KB is built by the devs and Roon projects tend to get priority over Forum/KB projects.

Ultimately, however, there’s little point improving something people don’t know how to use. Remember video recorders ?

Bookmarks don’t feel like a big deal for me because the browser can do it. But the browser can’t link the KB for a new user who doesn’t know of its existence.