Is there a way to browse albums and artists without the album art?[Answered]

I’m finding that it can take a long time to scroll through artists’ names and album names on my Ipad in the Roon app because the cover art takes up so much screen space.

Is there a way to scroll by text only or just with thumbnail images of the cover art?

I realize I might be defeating part of the point in using Roon by asking this question, but sometimes I’m just needing to browse through my collection more quickly than I can right now.



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Hi Joel,

Not really. Have you gone into Settings > General and set Allow for More Covers and Photos to yes? That will show more on a page.

Also, if you have an idea of what you’re looking for, you can use Focus to narrow it down. For example, Focus on Genre, like Blues, and then you have a lot less to scroll through.

Cheers, Greg

Also note that on desktop platforms (Windows/Mac) you can type multiple letters to jump to an artist, meaning M-I-L to jump to Miles Davis.

On touch-based platforms (iOS, Android) you can jump using the onscreen “AlphaNav”, under the ABC button:

The on-screen version of this feature can be enabled on desktop platforms under Settings > Setup.

Very helpful information.

Thanks very much for the quick reply.