Is there a way to browse genres in tidal only?

I like to listen to jazz occasionally. However I don’t really want to add many jazz artists into my roon collection.
I don’t see a way to browse jazz on tidal and play just those tidal artists in Roon. Am I missing something?
When I search jazz from genre I get only my roon artists played. Is this planned for the future.

Ok I see Jazz genre is actually on web player but not iPad app where i was looking. but i still don’t see a place to play that genre from tidal. Am i missing something again? And is there a way to get tidal genres on the iPad app?

Tidal genre browsing was added to the latest iPad app, which was submitted to the App Store a few days before Christmas. Usually, the App is approved in ~2 weeks after submitting, but with the holiday closure of the App Store and the usual high traffic afterwards, a slightly longer may be possible.

ahh ok thank you. In Roon we can’t just select a tidal genre and hit play like in the stand alone tidal program?