Is there a way to correct mistakes in tracks listing? [Solved ... ish]

In the album ‘Fire Within’ by Birdy, there are several errors

Tracks 3 and 4 have the same name ‘Light me up’ (Track 4 should be called ‘Words as Weapons’)

Similarly, tracks 10 and 11 have the same name ‘Standing in the way of the light’ (Track 11 should called ‘Shine’).

The metadata on these tracks are OK and they list correctly on my Squeezebox system.

Anyway to manally correct the above? Thanks

Hi Cliff,

In the album view, select a track (right click or long press) which will bring up an Edit menu on the top right. Under Edit Track/Title you can prefer Roon metadata, file tags or create your own edit.

Many thanks

Not quite solved, as the lyrics for track 10 ‘Standing in the way of the light’ are listed against track 11 ‘Shine’.

Presently this will need Roon to fix the metadata in the cloud.
@Mike can you pick this one up please.

Solved…ish! :smile:

We have a bug report open on both of these – the duplicated track names and the lyrics off by one. Look for both fixes soon guys.


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