Is There a Way to Display Only Album Artist?

I’m doing the free trial of Roon. One thing that really annoys me is that it’s really difficult to browse artists because Roon doesn’t seem to have an option for displaying only the album artist. Many albums will have 20+ contributing artists who I’ve never heard of at all, and every single one shows up in my artist browse. Most of them I have no other albums from, so I’d never, ever, click on them to browse.

Is there a way to get Roon to display only the album artist? Honestly, if not, this is a deal breaker for me. This annoys me enough that I won’t buy Roon if it’s not possible. Most media players I’ve ever used (mediamonkey, jriver) have the option to view only album artists, so it’d be odd if Roon doesn’t.

How are the artists you don’t want to appear in the artist list credited on your albums? I assume the Album Artist for these releases is Various Artists or simply Various. Here’s what I have for Shirley Scott who only appears in my collection in Various Artist compilations. She is credited as Primary Artist only on the tracks on which she plays and she does not appear in the artist list.

It was mostly various artists from compilations. Musicals, soundtracks, and some Opera and Classical stuff. I will investigate the “Various Artists” toggle, but Roon isn’t working at all for me now (it crashes 3 seconds after I open it).

I don’t know. I was really exited about Roon after reading about it, but my free trial hasn’t been great so far.

I have the same question: how to keep only album artists?