Is there a way to focus on single artist compilations in discography?

It seem if I use focus what I get is multi artist compilations containing John Martin. Is there any way to filter out the compilation albums in his discography order to emphasise them or de-emphasise them ?


There is a Compilation property in Focus , click it On then again to eliminate Compilation, that eliminates 2 in my library .

I assume these are greatest hits etc , not sure if it will eliminate Collaborative albums ?

The compilation focus doesn’t focus on the single artist compilations only multi-artist ones


Thought it was too good to be true …

Try using the funnel filter for the artist not the focus. Just tried it on a mixed comp I have it shows up for the artist if I search using performer in focus. If I use the artis filter and just compilation focus it doesn’t.

I don’t really understand what you mean here?

In a discography I’m trying to see (or not) compilation albums.


Sorry thought you where looking via albums in your collection where this would work and it might for discography to. If you use the funnel filter and focus combined you can just display compilations by the artist and miss out ones that are mixed compilations they appear on. Set the funnel filter to the artist this will discard all things not released by the artist, then use focus on compilations it will show you just the compilations by the artist.

Thanks, no it’s more for discography and your suggestion won’t work in these instances.


But it does look like compilations doesnt work as it should on discography at all compared to albums in your library.

I jut found somthing very odd. I went to John Martyns artist page, then applied a focus to find compilations. I added one that he features on but is not an album of all his work to test.

This one

You can see it here when the focus is applied

I have added it to me my library yet Roon does not add it with metadata saying its a compilation

So Roon is not working properly here to start with so no means of filtering would work if its not adding correct metsdata.

I have now edited the metadata to tell Roon its a comp. here you see it when focusing in albums for compilations and john martyn I see two albums.

If I use the funnnel filter I will see comps just by him

But this doesnt help you as this doesnt work ar all in discovery when it should. Look like Roons not working well with compialtions in general.

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This issue of “Compilation not working properly” can be traced to the existing Roon limitation of not having the granular capability to split/list/display albums based on its type on the Overview/Discography page.

This limitation is documented in this thread.

I encourage everyone who is experiencing these issues to go to above thread and vote.