Is there a way to get EP's to appear chronologically?

I noticed that in the “By This Artist” view, while playing an album, EP’s (shorter, non-full albums) always appear at the end of the list, not chronologically. Is there a way to get it to appear by date like albums?

Here’s a screenshot showing the issue:

“Chronic Town” is the EP, but is not sorted by date. It’s the same for other artists too, all EP’s always show on the bottom as if they are the latest release, no matter their release date.

Chronic Town does not have the full date. Notice the others are in chronological order and have a full date. Try editing Chronic Town’s release date to August 24, 1982.

Edit: Sorry didn’t realize it was an EP.

We actually split up Main Albums from EPs and Singles here, but there’s no divider… It’s not super clear.

Wonder if listing everything in chronological order might be better here. We’ll discuss, thanks for the feedback @Mediahound.

It doesn’t work, even on EPs with a full date as per here:

Yes, having everything chronologically makes more sense. If an artists releases an album, then 3 albums later an EP, then another album, that EP should be in the right order.

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EP’s do not belong amongst albums, rather chronologically sorted separately from full albums.

I can’t agree. They need to be sorted in to the overall release chronology of the band/artist’s output.

I assume that you are misinterpreting @evand’s post. And hence, there is nothing to agee or disagree to.
Try to view his post, from the ‘Roon software’s’ point of view. From what I read he’s saying, that Roon is sorting them that way.
First all Albums chronologically. Then, all EPs chronololgically.

That is correct. See screenshot example below; the lower 2 are EPs.

Whether you think if this is the most logical way too sort them, is a different question. I tend to agree, that it’s not.

I have edited my EPs and changed their designation to blank. They then go in chronological order. I put an EP tag on them, to have a marker if I want to reverse the edits.

That’s the best solution so far it seems. Thanks, it works: