Is there a way to limit access to devices on the home network?

I wanted to know why any smartphone or tablet that connects to my home network has access to my Roon.

Is there a way to limit access to devices on the home network?

I ask this because if someone comes to my home and installs the Roon app, they could access my library and delete, modify files, etc.


No but there are feature requests for this add your voice to one if those.
If you don’t trust people you really shouldn’t be adding them to your WiFi anyway. That’s what guest networks are for.


Thanks for your answer.
I have verified that the access to the guest network does not allow access to Roon since it does not find the Nucleus. That way I feel calmer.
All the best.


For ease of use and so that any device can be used as a remote. Personally makes it much nicer when have friends or family over and they can join in with playlists. Then I am not precious about things like this, it’s not particularly hard to delete in Roon and I trust my friends and family. If you don’t then use a guest Wi-Fi for them.

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I would also suggest (if you have not done it already) to make sure you have a secure back-up of all your music files. That way even if you or someone else accidentally deletes something you have it to be able to restore it.

This may be tedious but there are ways to limit access via network set-up. For instance my eero mesh router allows me to set up a profile with certain devices added to it and then block access to apps, internet, etc. and also cap the usage and set times the devices can use the network. There might even be a way to added accepted devices to an “allow” list and exclude all other devices? You would need to see what is available for your particular router/network access points and you would need to add the devices you want to limit to a list.

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