Is there a way to manually initiate a backup without the Roon UI?

I can’t connect anymore to the Roon core (still figuring out the exact problem). At the moment it looks like one of the processes keeps hanging and crashing. That may or may not be based on a corrupt database.
Unfortunately, my latest backup is more than 10 days old and manually re-doing the work of the last 10 days would be really annoying. The strange thing is that automatic backups were scheduled for every second day, but it seems that through the automatic backup to build 269 this setting was lost.

The question is now:

  • is there a way to manually create a backup of a current snapshot of the Roon database, either through some command line tools or even directly on file system level (I would assume that in principle a huge part of the backup is just a database dump)

Thanks for suggestions,

Hi Christian,

You can find how to do a manual backup here.

The important thing to remember is to make sure your Roon Core (Roon or Roon Server) is NOT running when you do the copy.

Cheers, Greg

Is it possible that backing up a sick database will make no difference and simply carry the problem over to the new install?

In case the corrupted database is the core issue it will be exactly as you say, the problem would be carried over. But I haven’t figured out the root cause of my current problem, so I just wanted to have a backup of the last status, just in case.