Is there a way to mass edit favorites?

I exported a jriver playlist of favorite tracks. I can see the playlist but I would like to tag every song in it as a favorite. I have hacked around a bit, but can’t see how to do it. Has anybody done this?

Thanks. I tried that and can select the favorite hear, but it doesn’t tag all of the files.

Appreciate it.

You are right, that is really weird. I am pretty sure that is how I did it in 1.7 but maybe I am mistaken. Sorry about that. I’ll get rid of it to not confuse people.

OK. Here is how I did it. Import the playlist. Select all files and create a tag. Open track Focus and select that tag, then you can click on the 3 dots and click on the heart. It seems like there is an extra step required, but it did what I wanted.

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Oh nice! I am glad you figured it out and thanks for sharing. That is much more convoluted that it should be but that is Roon :laughing:

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Hey @John_Powell2,

I am really sorry that we’ve gotten to your thread after the game was over, so to speak. It’s so great to see that you’ve found a solution in less than 24h - thanks for the effort you put in.

We’ll do all we can to reply much sooner by the time you get in touch the next time - we want to be here for you :slight_smile: