Is there a way to produce a listing of a Roon library?

My Roon library consists of albums stored on my NAS that I’ve ripped from CD or downloaded, as well as those that I’ve added from Qobuz and Tidal.

Is there a way to produce a library listing which identifies album titles, artist, sources (NAS, Qobuz, Tidal), resolution and other selected tags? Ideally such a listing would be in a manipulable format, such as an Excel spreadsheet.

Try this Roon Knowledge Base - How do I export my library to an Excel spreadsheet?

I don’t think it helps with “sources (NAS, Qobuz, Tidal),” you’d have to get creative with tags, but rest should be ok.

Thanks Carl. However this doesn’t exactly address my needs:

  • It can only list details for a single album or track, rather than providing a listing of the whole library.
  • It doesn’t indicate the source of the album, whether NAS, Qobuz or Tidal.

What I’m really trying to do is get a listing of my entire library.

You need to select multiple (or all) albums or tracks. For example, in the Album browser, first right click on one album to get the additional menu bar across the top of the screen. Right-clicking additional albums will add them to the list (Shift-Right-click will add ranges, just like in Windows File Explorer). Or you can click the down arrow by the number selected in the menu bar and choose Select All for your entire library.

Can’t help about the source of the Album, sorry.

You can go to track view, select all, then export to excel.

It will tell you the source for each track (local, Qobuz) and if it is local, will tell you the full path to the file as well as the artist and album information.

Yup, just discovered this for myself!. One thing, you need to have Paths shown in the Track browser. Click the down arrow at the right of the header bar to select what attributes will be displayed (and hence exported to Excel)

Thanks St0g1e. This isn’t exactly what I wanted but I can use it and work with Excel to massage it into my desired format.