Is there a way to remove an incorrect artist attribution by Roon in Roon?

Correct Karma, album’s correctly listed:

Drilling down things look fine on the surface:

Now click on “All tracks also performed by Karma.” and you get this crap:

Clearly another Roon attribution bug and nothing to do with underlying metadata from TiVo:

How do I get rid of the incorrect attribution???

So is there a way to remove an incorrect artist attribution by Roon in Roon?

Hi @evand,

I spoke with Ivan about this recently, who is looking into this issue. We believe we’ve made progress in understanding this and we have a meeting with a developer this week to discuss further. I’ll be sure to follow up with more details when we’ve received feedback after the meeting.

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Currently using Roon 1.8 (build 764) on a Mac and it would seem this problem hasn’t gone away. Here is an example. I imported into iTunes classical music practice pieces for flute. Metadata included the relevant cover art, artist info etc. which was picked up by Roon. On opening Roon I noticed that my album was incorrectly attributed to some rapper named SFDK!. Having manually adjusted the settings to allow attribution from within the file rather than Roon’s there is still the SFDK reference lurking within Roon. How can I totally eradicate this linking to a clearly incorrect data source. Screenshots attached for your amusement (and my annoyance).!

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