Is there a way to save the current queue into a playlist?

Clicking all around the screen and can’t find a way…is there a way?

View the queue
Select one entry (long press or right click)
Select the others (touch or click)
Plus button
Add to playlist (or create new)

Unlike other lists, there isn’t a Select All, with a mouse you can Shift-click.

Same technique works for History

Thanks…anyway to select the currently playing song as well?

You can add it afterwards:

Create a playlist with queue tracks
Move back to Queue screen
Press the Plus button in Now Playing section

And the currently playing track to the same playlist

@AndersVinberg: You can control/cmd-a to select all.

That’s why the main browsers added a Select All menu item, right?

oh sorry, missed that. I’ll get select all added to queue

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@AndersVinberg, just added selection controls here: