Is there a way to search for a genre?

I was at a friends tonight and he was trying to find some instrumental music by searching for the genre but that didn’t work…any thoughts on how to do this?

Use “focus”

Yes but if you can search for an artist or album why not a genre will be his response.

Just search as normal. It comes up in the results.

e.g. Jazz

As told:

  1. First click Fokus.
  2. Second click on the genre circle. A selection dialog of all genres appears.
  3. Third click on the small arrow on the right side of the dialog. All sub-genres appear to the main genre.

Just type genre in the search box. It’s that simple.

Just hit the genres section of the drop down… they are all there… easy

That’s browsing, not searching.

I just tried a search for instrumental and it came up with several results and a whole list of options…

Where are you staring your search from. My friend has his imports set to all file based data no Roon tags at all and seems to only pick titles no genre based restults

Search box, invoked from search icon in the top-right corner, from any view.

Maybe it only works when Roon genres are enabled.

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@support maybe the gurus can lend some guidance :grin:

Yep, just the search icon in upper right.

My guess is all his library is self curated tags and genres so maybe this is a bug or issue

Even in my library there is not result for instrumental for a genre list