Is there a way to see more songs at the same time in the UI?


Roon 1.8 (884)
MacBook Air 13", 2020.

2560 × 1600 resolution, equivalent to 1280 x 800 (Apple default)

Description of Issue

Hi there, I’m having a hard time browsing my library on my MacBook Air. The reason for this is that the songs just use too much screen space, so I see myself scrolling a lot. Is there a compact mode that can be enabled?

In “Setup” I’ve already set the text size to Default.

Here, you can see Roon displays only 6 songs (sidebar disabled)

For comparison, a screenshot of competing software showing almost 12 songs.

@support Am I doing something wrong?

No that’s it.

do you think the Roon team would do something about it? are people ok with this?

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