Is there a way to select music by recording resolution?

When I moved my music over from Jriver I had a playlist of hi res files (over 44.1kHz) that was a “smart list” created automatically. Is there any such “smartest” function in Roon and if not any way to manually create a playlist based on resolution over 44.1kHz? I tried searching the forum but could find no previous information on this.
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Try the “focus”. there you can specify wich Music reloution yo want ot be listed.

Hi Stephen,

Focus/Format and select the resolutions you want to include. Remember you can invert a search filter by clicking the plus to minus. After you have filtered how you want, make it a bookmark and name it. The bookmarked search is dynamic and will include new albums within the search filter criteria. You can select all (ctrl-a or long press, top left menu) and Play the albums in the bookmarked search without creating a Playlist.

To make a Playlist of the bookmarked search, select all, + (top, next to Play), Add to A Playlist. The Playlist is not dynamic and will only include the albums expressly added to it.


On a related topic, is there a way to tell which Tidal albums are not FLAC during browsing?

As it is, I only notice when I’m playing them, that the stream isn’t tagged as “bit perfect”. (Then I look in more detail and see that the Tidal album is AAC, etc.)

I don’t know how to see this info plainly while browsing the albums - whether in my own Tidal collection, throughout Tidal in general, etc.

(In my album browser I can see either Tidal, CD, or, very rarely, “AAC”- for stuff I didn’t own on CD- eg bought from apple or was incorrectly ripped. I remove or update the AAC stuff, when I notice it. This feature is great.)

I wish the Tidal marker/Icon could make some similar distinction for “CD quality” vs not (“AAC quality”, etc). There might be still more need for that, if/when Tidal introduces high-resolution streaming: Tidal HD vs Tidal CD vs Tidal AAC.

Unfortunately, we don’t know until you start streaming, and since Tidal occasionally updates lossy content to lossless, the only real way to know is to hit play. Not a lot more we can do here, sadly.

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