Is there a way to use Focus for "and" logic rather than "or" logic?

I haven’t figured out how to do this. It looks to me like if you Focus on 2 tags, you get all members of each tag. How would one Focus on only items that are in BOTH tags, rather than EITHER tag?

The logic is, constraints in different categories are ANDed, constraints within the same category are ORed.
So if you specify a tag and hi res, those are ANDed.
But multiple tags work like you say.

In my view, this is a reasonable limitation.
It is the most common case, by far.
And long experience shows that very, very few consumers know how to use logic expressions.

Thanks Anders. That’s too bad - means we cannot use tags as filters but rather only as additive to a group of Focused items. Perhaps that’s another potential feature request at some point.

Here’s my use case: a set of tags like “Mood: Bedtime” and then a set of tags like “Shuffle: Frequent” or “Shuffle: Rare.” Then one could choose a theme of music and then only shuffle either the hits or the deeper cuts, rather than all files that have a Shuffle tag.

Might it be possible to do this through the “exclude” (negative sign) function in Focus? Might take a lot of work and reverse logic - i.e. I would tag everything BUT Frequent Shuffle and then use the exclude function? Sounds twisted, but might work…