Is there a way to use Roon w/ Tidal on multiple computers?

My scenario may be outside Roon’s intended scope, but I have two computers at work: a desktop and a laptop. I almost exclusively use Tidal as a source, and mainly use Roon for the DSP engine (upsampling to DSD and headroom adjustment). My desktop is currently the Roon core.

When using my laptop, I’d love to be able to use Roon for Tidal, but don’t really want to buy another Roon core license for this. Is there a way of using my laptop as a Roon remote without being on the same network as my desktop, and just use Tidal?

No, a remote needs to be on the same network as the core.

You can switch cores as often as you’d like though (so the laptop can function as its own core when you are using it), but only on core can be active at the same time – you’ll need to deactivate the other (Roon will ask you to).

I often transfer my license to my Macbook Pro when I’m not on the same network as my core and transfer back when I’m back on that network.

It’s pretty simple to do.

Thanks guys - can transferring licenses be done from the laptop, or would I need to remember to do that before I use the laptop?

Perhaps I’ll just forgo using Roon on the laptop and just use the Tidal desktop app/Tidal on my iPhone for offline.

Licence transfer can be done on any core, laptop or desktop. Roon will ask you to deactivate the other core and you have to agree to that. When back on your desktop, same process repeats.

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I use Roon on 2 cores, one at work and one at home. I keep the core at work running most of the time. When I start Roon at home on my laptop, I’m asked to ‘unauthorize’ (I think that’s the term used) the other core. When I get back to work and pull up the still-open Roon application, it just asks me to de-authorize the core I was running at home on my laptop. Drop dead simple and very user-friendly, both operationally and from a terms-of-use perspective!

Ok, great, that sounds easy enough!