Is there an ETA on DietPi 6.9?

Is there a date for DietPi 6.9 yet? I’d like to stop having to raise the volume every time I reboot.


Thanks. Quite the command.

I opened an SSH window in Terminal on my MAC and copied and pasted the string you provided. I then rebooted the USBridge and still the unit resets to zero. Did I do something wrong?

Hum… Don’t know. That shell script seems a bit fragile, I could imagine it failing if the responses from the DAC are not as it expects. It did work for me (Singxer SU-1 DDC connected to Holo Spring DAC).

No big deal. I will just wait for 6.9 to be released. Seems like it’s close.

DietPi 6.9 shipped today. You should be able to update via the DietPi-update command in ssh (or download and flash a new image if needed)

Update completed. Thanks for the heads up. I was able to do the update via the Allo GUI. Volume control set to 100% and stays there after a reboot.

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Hi @Dan_Knight

I can’t see v6.9 on the version history. Just interested in any other changes in this version.


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Thanks Jim