Is there an export track limit?

I’m tagging @support but won’t list it under support.

I went to do a full library export, 2751 albums which is 37928 tracks.

The export function failed to initiate.

I broke this down into 2 groups via focus.

A group of 1449 albums, 19393 tracks and it initiates.

Is the limit 20k tracks?

I cannot find a mention of the confirmed limit.

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No it’s a bug that logged ages ago


I was just about to post that link :+1:

Yeah, a known bug for Mac users as per @Geoff_Coupe says.

I was exporting using Windows 10.

Never experienced this before, but that was with less than 20k tracks.

Having split my export in two, less than 20k per export, it works fine.

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I don’t think it’s is related as I was using ROCK at the time. For me it was 1300 albums but you’re likely right it’s a track limit. I only work in Albums.

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First time the export went well and completed.

The second batch not so.

Another annoying aspect of export, which has cropped up before, is that for some reason my Windows temp folder completely filled up and crashed my mini PC.

Cleared the temp folder which was full of Roon exports :man_shrugging:.

Checked export location was my external USB HDD, yes.

Ran it again and the same thing occurred.

Why didn’t it do it first time?

One to explore later.