Is there an official list of "things in the pipeline"? ...Frustrated


I am a new user and very impressed with the software I see. Good job all round.

I have made some requests, one of which I deem to be very important (ie the swiping/pagination on tablet/phone, which renders it all but useless for me as a workable device).

I am not getting any official replies from ROON itself and was wondering, what is the policy on this?

Is there any better way to contact ROON?

I like the community idea, but it’s quite hit and miss as to the response.

Is there an official thread for future developments so we can easily see what’s on the cards, so to speak?

Because this is such an exciting project, and has so much potential, and which has already covered so much ground, it’s a little frustrating to be afforded the potential to input major improvement ideas which seem to be falling on stony ground.

Not to mention a slight feeling of wasted time writing on these pages.

Thanks in advance.for understanding and reply.

My best stab at the ‘official policy’ is that Roon developers read the feature requests and consider them as part of their ongoing development, based on popularity and how well it fits in with their design goals and overall roadmap.

I dont believe there’s any official thread for what’s on the roadmap, other than where the developers comment, or flag certain topic headings as such.

Of course, we’re all potentially frustrated when Roon don’t jump at our amazing feature request ideas, but the simple reality is that we’re not all going to get what we want when we want it. That’s not the same as Roon not listening though, and I would personally continue to write the feature requests if you have the time as they are read and considered - just don’t have an expectation that each request will be acknowledged or end up in the program, especially quickly…

I also believe this is the best way to contact Roon.

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Point taken :slight_smile: - and thanks! But between you and me, we know that my ideas ARE the best, that’s a given :wink:

Just to add to Steve’s point - personally I’m impressed by the degree to which Roon staff do participate in these forums. Folks such as Brian or Danny will often explain why certain technical decisions are made, or why things have been designed in a particular way. You can recognise Roon staff by the fact that their avatars use the Roon logo.

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I’ve had two suggestions for improvement, both related to volume leveling approaches. I’m happy to report that both improvements were implemented in ver 1.3. Roon does listen!

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No, the didn’t do yours, they did someone else’s. :grin: :laughing:


The idea of a “things in the pipeline” list or blueprint for development has been discussed at length elsewhere:

Personally I would vote for having a blueprint for planned changes and developments, though the general consensus amongst the user base seems to tip towards the idea that having such a published blueprint would be unhelpful - largely because of the inability of the developers to offer any guarantees for things in the blueprint until they have definitely been added. I don’t see this as a major problem but there you go!

I have also noticed less replies more recently from the Roon team in relation to feature request posts on these forums. Initially their involvement on the forums was very good. Perhaps they are still busy ironing out the various issues that have come along after releasing a new build.

As others have mentioned, the best thing would seem to be to contribute to the feature request forums - I’m sure the Roon team will review all the requests in good time.

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Thanks for all the replies.

I think I am over-expecting here. It’s not as if I would normally expect any software house of any substance to take on board directly any recommends to modify software to the better :slight_smile:

In truth there is only one major issue I am having and that’s the scrolling issue on the Tablet. Because it renders using the tablet unusable for me as an interface for Roon, it’s pretty catastrophic, which is why I’m pretty miffed at the lack of response. A simple “yes we are aware of the issue and are working on a solution” would have been nice. And the fact that, as has been apparent, there has been a steady stream of responses from the Devs in the past, I was perhaps again expecting too much to garner a personal response.

However, having said that I am more than happy with the interface on the PC, and that’s good enough for now, as I have a good laptop which is now my Core.

I’ll let it lie and take more of a back seat, or fire and forget requests from now on.

Don’t forget that it’s been a ‘Bank Holiday’ weekend in the USA & the rest of the Roonies have to have a break every now & again too ! :wink:
I suspect ‘normal service’ will be resumed shortly… :clap:

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