Is there any advantage for Roon with 256GB rather than 128GB?

I’m hunting for a 12.9" iPad Pro as Nick suggested and have a couple of offers with 128GB units. Is there any advantage for Roon with 256GB? I see 64GB is the minimum.



I’m using a 64GB. There’s no advantage or disadvantage, buy the pro that best suits your pocket and needs.

Thanks Evan.

There are quite a few on offer at Gumtree, new but I’ve just woken up to “pickup only” probably means it is stolen property so the seller wants no trace of the transaction. The buyer could be in trouble if he/she tried to register as it would be listed as stolen property.

Traps for young (and old) players!!


I played with an early 12" iPad Pro and was disappointed in the experience…its heavy and by the time you add a proper keyboard its more than the cost of a MacBook … so I returned it. The 9" model is probably great but I use an Air 2 and find its more than adequate for Roon and everything else I do too…its a 128GB model but other than filling it up with audio I could probably make do with less.

I also got the LTE cellular (4G) option as I use it out and about a lot - dual sims with my phone for the same data plan…at least thats an option for my locale

Thanks for the feedback Paul.

I’ve paid $AUD1170 for one which includes the keyboard and a pencil & has 128GB on board. (New cost is a ridiculous $AUD1500+). As it’s use is primarily as a Roon remote and it will never go outside this house, I’m not too worried about the weight and wanted the largest reasonably sized screen. But no doubt I’ll use it for the net also - I disliked the iPad 2 because of its restricted size and am spoiled by big screens on this PC and elsewhere in the home. To each his own.


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This is news to me. I have a basic 32gb pro. What’s the issue requiring 64 pro ?

there is no flash minimum on ipads.

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