Is there any interest in a music files backup solution?

I’ve been using cloud storage for many years, I was an early adopter of Dropbox, though I’ve now moved to OneDrive with iCloud for photos. I have absolutely no dependencies on local storage; you could burn my house down or steal everything in it, and I could just buy or borrow any old computer and be back up and running in almost no time. But trust Roon to look after any data? No way! Your software is just too flaky. Maybe you could look at integrating with existing cloud services like the ones I mentioned. They have options as to whether files are mirrored locally or not, so folk would still be able to choose. And are close to rock solid. (famous last words).


sounds like you on these forums :slight_smile:

everyone has issues, and they have a lot more than we do.

anyway… it’s not wise in 2021 to build a niche service like this on top of your own disks and servers… the upfront cost is far too risky for a “feature” like this. You build on top someone’s reliable storage mechanism, and the value you bring is integration, ease of use, and accessibility. The “storage” is a solved problem that has been commoditized to tiny margins. The companies you speak of couldn’t even break even unless they have hundreds of thousands to millions of users.

Yes. I (and others) have long suggested a cloud locker for your own content as the only reasonable solution for remote access to your Roon library. But as someone that comes from the storage industry, you are stepping into a lot of quicksand, brother.

Why not start with something simple: matching your library with existing tracks in Qobuz and/or TIDAL for direct streaming access when using Roon Remote. Yes, I know there are tracks in people’s libraries that won’t match, but ignoring the weirdo classical box sets, et al., it’s mostly there.

However, this would include your customized meta data, playlists, and other organizational features (i.e. Roon meta data edits), but the actual PCM data would stream from Qobuz/TIDAL - at an appropriate bit rate for the connection without necessarily adding that track to your library (i.e. your local track would playback when at home).

For me, that would completely solve the Roon Remote requirement when at work and on the road.

Think about it…

already on the way. we already have the match data, as you can see with the “versions” area on an album details screen. The thing you want is transparent hand-off/unification/upgrades. That’s all Roon product stuff, not the matching – and that’s coming.

This would solve a bunch for me too, but i still have a ton of albums that dont exist on tidal/qobuz. some of my favorite albums of all time don’t exist on any streaming service :sob:

I’m starting to run into other issues now… i’m finding stuff on youtube that doesn’t exist anywhere else :exploding_head:

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Super great to read that… this was something else I ranted about, earlier, and I’m glad to see your team had the same idea.

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Forward thinking? Aren’t you the one that told me the future was streaming from Qobuz and Tidal and that local copies of music was basically dead?

That’s why I wonder why you guys would put resources into this that would be better utilized fixing bugs and adding features that most people could use.

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My guess is the conversations involved dinosaurs? :slight_smile:

Are local files dead? No.

Not using streaming? Yah, that’s definitely not the future. Maybe that’s your misinterpretation of the dinosaur thread?

TIDAL/Qobuz/others lack many pieces of content. Right now that need is filled by Roon by combining streaming with those local copies of content sitting in your files. It doesn’t need to be local copies, it could be cloud copies, owned by you, not by streaming services.


I have some of that, as well. But, remember: Great is the Enemy of Good. This will be a fantastic step in the right direction.


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Yes, I am interested in an online backup solution of my music.
I am now using Backblaze, so if the price would be in the same range as Backblaze I would consider using Roon to do this job.

Advantages could be that it is an easier to use solution and it’s a step to a mobile Roon solution. With these advantages in mind I would consider a backup solution from Roon.

I have local music files synced across two houses plus a large collection of old USB drives with parts of the collection. Main collection is on mirrored Stablebit which does allow file recovery just as an NTFS drive if half the mirror fails. But that wouldn’t stop a crypto attack.

I’d consider a reasonably priced automatic cloud solution.

No interest as other backup schemes exist. Backup is a very user specific thing and I’m sure that SOME people will not have a robust scheme implemented - in which case the option might be useful but it would surely just be piggybacking on another provider?

I’m not interested in a music file backup solution at all. My music files are already duplicated and backed up in multiple locations and with Tidal I am not buying any more music and adding to them so I have no need for music file backup at all these days

I might be interested, OTOH it adds yet another backup system (Onedrive for PCs, iCloud for the Macs/iOS devices, another cloud service for my NAS which is where my music is unless it has just been ripped and thus still on a ROCK SSD).

Some questions and thoughts:

Is what you have in mind going to be redundancy against device failure or redundancy against users as well? (For eg, a timeline like history and thus a means of recovering from accidental deletions)? While more complex doing an incremental timeline, this might actually be safer by allowing for rollback of failed backup attempts (power failure/network failure etc, or even some software bugs).

I also have my media shared on my NAS shared as a read only account - a restore option will not be able to write back using the same share credentials. This is something I do to protect my music files from me doing something stupid :slight_smile:

Would it be an all music folders approach or selected folders? I can imagine that some people may have music on their NAS + some files ripped to an SSD on their ROCK based device that they havnt yet copied off. They may already have a cloud solution for their NAS.

You also mentioned matching with stream service - I assume that includes the format and not just the track identifier? I have several CD FLAC tracks that only exist on tidal as MP3 or AAC.

I wouldn’t try to increase scope beyond music files - leave that to those who want to deal with the complexity of a system restore, snapshotting etc :slight_smile:

There may be use for a middle ground mode - instead of backup to cloud, backup to a local network share in order to allow a user to piggy back onto an existing backup process (for eg whatever NAS->cloud service someone might use).

I wonder if there are any current or possible future legal considerations for knowingly providing a music file backup service (instead of generic backup service). Then add different laws in different countries (current UK rules vs pretty much everyone else - ugh!).

I would definitely be interested and pay a reasonable amount.

I use Qobuz to discover new music but then buy what I enjoy. I feel that supports the artists.

My 1.5TB FLAC library is backed up fully to pCloud and off-site HDD but, as a LIFETIME Roon subscriber, I’d like a neat Roon solution.

More than a backup of music files I’d be interested in an easy way to get music files onto my NUCs internal SSD. The best for me would be to be able to buy music in the Roon app from Qobuz or Tidal and let Roon handle the download etc to my NUC. The second best would be an easy drag and drop from the website or download folder into Roon.

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this already works, no? just drag and drop the files or folders to Roon on your mac or windows pc

A 4TB ssd cost euro 350 and dropping so unless competively priced or free for life time subscribers I prefer the control myself…

Backing can be slow. I’m doing a full Backblaze backup and I’m on day three. I only have about 500-600 gb of music files. 20mb upload speed. Not much else to backup other than the music. A few documents…