Is there any rhyme or reason to local-mode Roon Radio?

Getting pretty frustrated with Radio mode. I do not subscribe to Qobuz or Tidal (and never will); I use Roon for my personal library, which consists primarily of my decades-old CD collection ripped to FLAC, plus some stuff I’ve purchased from Beatport and other online music stores.

When I start playback, radio seems to somewhat stick within the same genre for 10-15 songs and then it falls apart and seems to play any random song from my library.

E.g., start radio with an electronica song (tags of “Hard Dance”, “Trance”, “Techno”). It will play similar for a bit, then I’ll get a Twisted Sister track, followed by Tori Amos, followed by The Who, followed by a track from a movie soundtrack album. All of those have different tags for genre. And I have enough electronica in my library it would take weeks to play it all, so it can’t be a case of “it ran out”. And even if it did “run out”, I’d expect it to start repeating songs within the genre rather than branch out to completely unrelated stuff…

Anything I can do here to help local-only Roon Radio not be so braindead?

The radio algorithms are really aimed at streaming subscribers now as that is where the bulk of users and machine learning is pointed at. Local library uses the old algorithms that will, in my estimation, not get much investment.