Is there any way to find

… these. three albums via Roon in Qobuz? You can find them searching directly with Qobuz but with Roon (1.7] no way! … even going trough a huge amount of titles nothing… you only get a proposal about the horrible remaster version :weary:
Any suggestion or tricks? I would like to have them inside my Roon library

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If you ‘heart’ these albums in Qobuz (browser or app), do theynot appear after synchronisation?
I just tried it (Roon 1.8) and got all 3 albums


Ok (thks :slight_smile: ) … maybe I’ve to wait for sync… I’ve added them in Qobuz app more then 4 hours go but till now under Roon Rock (1.7) nothing

have you tried in Roon Settings: Services: Edit (Qobuz), Sync library now ?


Thank you all for help :slight_smile: