Is there anybody out there?

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Many metadata errors I’ve reported where bands or artists are confused remain unfixed. I understand there might be a queue and it can take weeks, but months later without change or feedback destroys user confidence that metadata errors will be corrected.

Mark Gillespie, Lisa Miller, Cybotron, Harem Scarem, Chris Wilson, Spectrum, Kush, Luna, Paul Kelly, Nils Lofgren, Daddy Cool.

How about a list of known metadata issues, updated as solved, so we can see progress ?

It’s getting very hard to muster the enthusiasm to keep reporting.


I can add some more names and titles and labels to the list… unfortunately.

We have a number of major metadata projects planned for 2016, some of which will probably end up being multiple months of effort. To be clear, that work is happening on the cloud database side, and is separate from plans to implement more robust editing functionality in the Roon app or setting up a way for people to submit corrections or be credentialed as editors, so we can crowd source corrections.

The errors reported in this forum are watched closely by me and the team, and if the responses have been a little light, it’s because most of what’s been reported are issues we know will be fixed as the projects I just mentioned come together.

So while the metadata issues aren’t being ignored I can understand the pace is discouraging, and so we spent a few hours today as a team discussing how we can address (what I believe is probably) the most frustrating class of issues we’ve heard, which are those related to artists – these are almost always caused by mistakes in the data we get from our providers, resulting in different performers being merged into one, or single performer getting split into two.

While we’re still planning some major work in this area over the course of 2016, we now have a more short term plan that will allow us to take corrections reported here and apply them to our database directly, so they show up in Roon in a matter of days, not months.

I don’t have an exact timeframe for when the internal tools will be ready, but I’ll let everyone know as this comes together, and I want to be clear that we take this seriously, and we’re moving forward on both short- and long-term solutions to this problem, so don’t give up guys! We’re on it.

And a big thanks to @andybob for the kick in the butt on this one :thumbsup: