Is there better SW than iTunes for syncing music to your phone

my iPhone has 256MB of space for no other reason than to fill up with mUsic. iTunes always seems to have a hiccup or two every time I sync it. I thought I would ask if there is any better software for transferring/syncing your music to an iPhone?



hi Larry

remember reading this a while ago

Assuming you are running Windows of course

hope this helps a bit



Thanks for the reply…but I’m an Apple guy (though iTunes is pathetic) Once you get used to Apple’s Customer service (they are here is the US and English is their native language…), you’d never go back to a Windows machine.


Unfortunately if you want to avoid iTunes but still use Apple’s built in music app you would have to switch to Apple Music and download your albums from Apple’s servers.

if you are willing to move to a 3rd party player on your phone there are a few more options like Vox or Plex to take iTunes out of the picture.

I do option 1 until Roon get’s their priotities straightened out.

Take a look at Imazing.
It is a pure transfer tool (Mac <-> iOS), so I am not sure if this suits your needs.

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I use Onkyo HF Player it’s not only supports flac but also DSD and can still play from iTunes library too. It does cost a few $.

Has a lot of other features like upsampling, equalizer and some built in help for transferring files and even folders.

You still need iTunes to transfer the data to the app tho

Thanks for all the helpful ideas…I have not tried Imazing yet…but will look into it. I wonder if it can sync music files of up ton 256 GB.

I will all know if it’s successful…

Thanks again!


Another Player to consider is NePlayer. You can download for free to evaluate and if you like it you pay for the full version ÂŁ7.99. No need for iTunes, Use airdrop as the app should recognise and ask you if you want to import into the NePlayer library.

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For managing the iPhone music and everything else (photos apps, podcasts, backups) check out iMazing. Its compatible with Mac and PC. It can manage everything on your phone not just music. Then you can use whatever player you want on the phone. I now no longer use iTunes on any computer for dealing with my phone.

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No nothing beats iTunes for integration to Apple devices.

Well I agree to a point…But I bought a 256 GB iPhone for the one reason only and that is to fill with Music Files. I find iTunes really does not like that much memory used for synchronization. Whenever I want to add music to my iPhone, I have to totally delete what’s on my phone and re-sync the whole damn thing all over again. It does not seem to like Syncing a new Album whenever I get one…It works better when I replace the whole schemer…

I use this too, so I can get FLAC on my iPad

You do use iTunes to copy files but its a COPY not all the normal stuff you get with SYNC etc

I have used it for a while with my Audioquest Dragonfly RED , a good mix