Is there no way to add an artist to my Tidal catalog through the roon interface?

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MacBook Air 2014 running latest Catalina

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iFi Black Label Nano DSD

Description Of Issue

I can’t find a way to add an artist to my Tidal catalog from roon. There is no such option on the artist page that I can find.

I can add an individual album to -something- but I don’t know what it’s being added to, the roon database or my Tidal catalog. And I don’t use favorite albums in Tidal anyways. Il use artists.

I understand that many people use roon with multiple sources, but roon should be smart enough to recognize the source of the artist, and if it’s from Tidal or Qobuz, let you add the artist to your Tidal/Qobuz catalog from roon. roon is so great and puts so much effort into music discovery, it’s crazy to have to pick up my iPod touch and manually add the artist I discovered to my Tidal iibrary manually.

Or maybe I’m missing something and the above paragraph was redundant.

Is there a way?

Thank you!

It’s most likely something that tidal or qobuz does not allow 3rd party apps to perform.

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roon allows you to add albums to your library, but not artists. I don’t see that being a Tidal issue.

Add a single release for a given artist to Roon and the artist will be listed. Roon will add this album to your Roon library–and do a lot of other things–and also add this to your TIDAL favourites. This is how Roon works with TIDAL as there is currently no other mechanism to add from TIDAL to Roon.

So if I add one album from a given artist to roon, it will add that artist to my Tidal catalog?

I don’t understand what you mean here. It will add the release to your Roon library. This includes local media files and stresming media.

I may not be understanding here. Roon allows you to maintain a Roon library of music. In your library, you can add albums or individual tracks. These can be local music files or links to music files in Tidal and Qobuz. Roon will then download metadata for each of these albums and tracks. A piece of that metadata is the artist or artists.

No, favoriting an artist in Roon will not do do in Tidal. You can make a feature request for this functionality.

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