Is there support from people paid by ROON

…or have they successfly delegated this role to their customers. I am old school so expect employees to respond to service issues.


Remember it is a big world and they may be in a different time zone and 26 minutes is hardly a lifetime.

No reason to be cynical – Roon support staff is frequenting these forums on a daily basis.

As they are rather human, with needs for food and sleep and with happy families, they are not around 24/7. You may find questions answered quicker by experienced members of this community.

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No issues with that but I am surprised by this. Maybe this is a millennial thing or something. You have spent some bit of money and the company has socialized its responsibilty…?
User are posting to solve all day long in attempts to assist this company?

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No wrong end of the stick or a cynical attitude, all forums (hopefully) are frequented by helpful people who try to assist others and this is a particularly helpful forum. There is no corporate direction here just nice people.

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the forum you will see that the Roon crew monitors it and steps in when necessary. I don’t see any lack of support from the professionals.

You miss my point…no doubt ROON employees show up on occassion to address issues but the corporate entity, ROON, is indirectly delegating their support obligations to you guys.
Understand but don’t think it proper.
I am a recent lifetime subscriber and have some expectation that I can communicate directly with support from this company rather with a whole bunch of guys that hang around on this site all the time.


@Wdw Do you have a problem you require assistance with, I see your question concerning turning the Radio function on and off has already been answered.

Russ (Roon user)

Like I said above, Roon staff is available on a daily basis in the support forum.

While I doubt that anyone from this community is ‘hanging around all the time’, with thousands and thousands of Roon users, there’s usually someone at hand.

We come here to exchange experiences, learn from other and heck – maybe even socialize a bit. And luckily, quite a few are not adverse to answer a few starter’s questions along the way.


OK but what sort of response time are you expecting, as far as I could see you where complaining about lack of response 26 minutes after posting a question. I charge people a lot more than Roon and only guarantee 24 hour response. Just remember where they are it may be 3 in the morning.

I see it that users are posting to assist other users and it helps to build a strong community with a sense of “ownership” … it’s a win - win in my book.

The majority of issues / questions can be solved this way … as it’s often a matter of user education / guidance rather than a bug in Roon.

For the more stubborn issues / potential bugs etc. Roon staff are at hand to step and collect detailed diagnostic information to help track down the root cause of the problem.

Does having a strong friendly helpful community aid RoonLab’s? Of course it does but look at it like this for each question that can be answered by the community means that a Roon guy can concentrate on that “bug fix” or “enhancing that next feature” (Roon is a very small software company, not a corporate giant like say Apple) so in turn we the users get a more stable / polished / better featured product sooner and cheaper.

As I said in my book it’s a win - win.

PS Just in case you missed it all Roon staff on here have the Roon icon as their logo, as per the replies you have previously received from the like of @Danny, @Mike, @Eric and @Joel in past topics.

PPS If you click on the forum’s about link you can see a list of the Roon staff and their activity on the forum.


Being “old school” isn’t an excuse for unreasonable expectations of others.


I understand your concern here, but I can assure you this isn’t some clever attempt to shirk responsibility for supporting our product. Myself, @Eric, @vova, and the rest of the team are here every day making sure questions are answered and problems are resolved.

Often, issues are resolved by members of the community before we even have a chance to respond, but you can always flag us directly by including @support in your post.

Furthermore, I’d put our record of resolving issues against any call center or email system out there – we’re a small team but we don’t take this lightly, @Wdw. If something hasn’t been addressed to your satisfaction, please let us know.


Remember that users have a much wider range of configurations (storage, servers, endpoints, DACs) than Roon Labs (or any other company) could have for testing, so users sometimes have first-hand knowledge that Roon Labs has no access to. How many users here with, say, a Synology NAS (with a particular software release and file layout), an Intel NUC running (a particular version of) Ubuntu desktop, a microRendu (with a particular software release) and a Schiit Bifrost Multibit (just one of my configurations)? I’m a lifetime member, but I gladly share my knowledge and experience with others here for free, within reason relative to the rest of my activities, of course. If I can help someone enjoy music more readily with my help, I consider that a net + for all.


Roon a ‘corporate entity’!

I know they have a CFO, CTO, etc but I’ve never thought of them as a corporate entity and long may that continue. :wink:


The entire company does support, and 3 people are pretty much dedicated to various forms of support. All support, other than billing support with sensitive information, is done via this community site.

This has nothing to do with millennials – it’s the reality of supporting a product like Roon with so many users for such a low cost.

We used to have dedicated hours of phone support when we were Sooloos, about 10 years ago, but that product was well over USD$10,000 – Roon is the price of a sandwich and coffee every month. The goal here was to bring this experience to everyone, not just the rich.

Also, as noted above, our community is full of members that are happy to help out fellow members, and the support you will get from many of them will be better than our any other support due to their experience with a very wide range of configurations and hardware.

Are you finding support ineffective?

Oh… when we launched, a few of us did some phone support for the first few days. It was totally not scalable. When we started redirecting users to the community site, the help was faster and more effective.


I know right ? You’d think at least a hat …

But more seriously, I initially came to the forum with a problem and another user helped me, so I thought I’d pay it forward. There are many helpful and knowledgable people here.

The Community contribution to the forum is complementary rather than in substitution for Support. The Support devs are working on the forum and you often see them analysing logs to help resolve difficult issues. We often flag threads for their attention.

Many of the problems people have, however, are familiarity issues or have been previously solved and often the Community can assist, meaning Support can handle more of the stuff we can’t do for each other.


Community-based support helps everyone. When someone answers a question on the community, that answer is available to everyone else for years. When a question is answered on the phones, only person who gets the answer.


I must add the Roon family (staff & members) is helpful and willing to spend time helping members solve problems. This is a great forum, and my favorite one of the audio boards. Conversations are respectful, and people chime in to get the problem or question worked out in a prompt fashion.

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Roon community is by far the best I have ever experienced when it comes to product support, both users and insiders are always there answering any questions that I might have. Sometimes I’ll just email Roon directly when my query is more personal, and I rarely had to wait for the following day to get a response. I don’t know how it could improve further.