Is this a Roon thing or a Sonicorbiter SE thing?

Audio Analysis DDP-1 clicks pretty loudly when sample rate changes in a playlist, from 16/44.1 to 24/96 In this case. AA says to look for “settling time” setting, as in below. Should I look in Roon settings or SOSE settings? Thanks

Clicks and pops during sample rate change are influenced by a number of things, most of which are controlled by the source device. Often in the setup software for the streaming device or streaming software you will find something often called “settling time” or words to that effect. It refers to how long the software wait to send out music when a sample rate change is detected, knowing the attached DAC will need some time to detect the change, make the appropriate internal clock settings happen, and then be ready. We have found something on the order of 50-100mS is appropriate.

The setting is called “Resync Delay” in Roon. You can get to it in Roon’s Settings -> Audio. Then click for the gears icon next to your SonicOrbiter SE.

Thank you, and thanks for such a great player.

I ran the delay from 50ms all the way the highest value. But the click did not go away. The delay before music starts is very noticeable with the higher values, but first comes the click, then the delay. It is not the worst thing in the world, since I don’t listen to playlists much. But any ideas?