Is this an Allo USBBridge or Imitator?

Is this an Allo USBBridge or imitator?

Does anyone have it and would recommend it?


It is probably genuine but it is cheaper to buy direct from Allo. With them you also get the new metal case and a USB to GB ethernet adaptor. I have found Allo excellent when I have had a problem too.

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Ah, I just saw there is an ‘affiliate program’ on the Allo website. Assuming this is being sold under that. Does Allo ship from Europe? (Edit: never mind … probably looky either Canada or India) I do like to buy from Amazon as I get a considerable amount of money back on the card, and they donate to a cause we support. (This isnt an item under Prime tho for the shipping & delivery perk)

Say, can you help me with justifying the GB ethernet? I don’t recall seeing the Windows ethernet monitor showing RAAT traffic going over about 3Mbps average. Why would a Roon streamer need this? (Aside from this, my thing is wireless anyway. If I do do wired, I use a 10Gbps switch that gives every port the speed it needs.).