Is this normal behaviour, roon display

I have a couple of raspberry pis with screens displaying the roon display webpage. These devices are on fixed IPs, i.e. always the same location.

If they are restarted then roon looses the name I assign them and for devices playing to display on them, making them a bit frustrating to use.

Is this typical behaviour?

What distro are you using on them?

Hi not sure of what version of Linux but its called Raspberry Slideshow by binary emotions, it has one purpose to display a webpage on a raspberry pi! (Usually for a digital billboard I guess)

The context of it is purely to show whats playing the PI does nothing else:

Maybe have a look at as an optional OS for a display - but only works with the official RPi 7" screen but might with other clones it seems. for the cost of an SD card to pop in its an easy try.

Will that display externally playing content though? The pi is purely for display not playback.

It displays what roon is playing…can sleep when not playing to display a clock. It also supports some playback controls and volume display and changes. #audio-products:ropieee you can read more in there

Ok I was not aware of this and indeed I’ll give it a go. I have ropieee in use on other pi devices but was not aware of this functionality

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