Is this powerful enough to run Roon Core?

Yes but it’s a minimum configuration only. As there is usually plenty of software running on a NAS, some of them unavoidable, having only two processor cores in the CPU package makes it easy to exhaust the available processing resources. Also the 4GB RAM is the minimum recommendation for Roon on NAS. Depending on the size of your library and when you use streaming services (TIDAL/Qobuz) you might need more RAM or Roon might become really sluggish because of memory swapping or just die when out of memory.

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If you get low on Ram, restarting Roon on the NAS clears it.

The fact that it has slots for M.2 SSD is good for Roon as long as the Roon data base can live there (as opposed to on the spinning disks). Also the high-ish CPU frequency of 3.1 GHz is positive. Other than that @BlackJack’s summary is spot on.

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