Is This The Smallest Roon Remote?

Hi All,

Ive recently purchased a Fiio M6 player which runs on a simple version of Android, and is really a dedicated DAP with wifi and BT. Its really diddy at around 9cm short and weigh around 80grams or somesuch.

I found out today that the Roon apk file has been whitelisted for it and Roon for android runs pretty sweetly on it :slight_smile:

Could it be the smallest ever remote?



very cool. Have you played Roon through it? I have the Astell&Kern SR15 which is supposedly getting official support vs the open APK method so I’m waiting a bit longer before trying …

ok yes it’s working now in fact; just testing it for you :slight_smile:
i don’t usually play (Roon) through Android devices as there’s some jiggery pokery limitations with bitrates and such; they don’t play via the dedicated dacsnstuff or somesuch witchcraft.

but it’s working. Not glitching.

I had to add the apk myself to this fiio device and run it from file manager; no google play on there :slight_smile:

It’s just really weird having a diddy little version of roon running on a 3 inch screen, lol

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PS… This little thing is only $150usd MRSP which is blindingly good value, i have numerous daps and dacs, i couldn’t resist this one.

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Android devices, like old phones, make great mobile endpoints for use with headphones. Not necessarily HiRes, but good enough for garden work with earbuds.

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