Is This Typical Behavior...Node 2i very slow song transitions among varying file resolutions

My set up: Roon Core on a SonicTransporter i5; File library on Synology NAS (with lots and lots of hi res files), 2 sets of KEF LSXs connected wirelessly, several Sonos Play 1s and Play 3s, Node 2i, connected wirelessly, used as streamer feeding McIntosh 8900 via coax. Router - Netgear Nighthawk X12.

All is functioning very, very well. I’m a happy camper. The MAC 8900 is new and I didn’t think it was possible to love a piece of audio equipment this much. And that’s after really digging the KEFs.

First, pardon my ignorance with some of this as I’m still getting used to this terminology and ecosystem. Networking and some of this hardware is not my strength either.

Question: When I construct a Roon playlist of files comprised of varying resolutions (i.e. 16/44; 24/96; 24/192; DSD 64, DSD 128) the Node 2i takes a minimum of 30 seconds to play a song going from one resolution to another. The song oftentimes appears in ROON to be 1/2-3/4 of the way through playing before I actually hear anything. Usually I don’t have the patience for that and try and stop/restart. It always eventually works. This only occurs when using the “Roon Ready” blueOS streaming option. I use this to take adventage of the max 24/192 that the Node can pass into the MAC. When this works, it’s audio bliss. But unless the entire playlist consiste of the exact same resolution, there is an unacceptable delay. I thought it might be the file sizes, but this seems to occur regardless of whether it’s 16/44 or DSD 128. It happens whenever there’s a transition.

If I use the “Airplay 2” Node selection in Roon, there is no hesitation. Although I can tell a BIG difference in SQ. The KEFs and the Sonos don’t seem to have this same hesitation. I would’ve just accepted that this is just how it is with the Node or Node/ST i5 if it weren’t for the fact that I can stream the Node in the Airplay 2 mode without issue. And since the KEFs work well I don’t think it’s the ST i5.

Is that typical behavior you would expect from the Node?

Hello @Thomas_Eviston,

The behavior you are reporting is not “typical”, so let’s figure out what’s causing it to occur.

Can you confirm that you are seeing this behavior when transitioning between two tracks that are both 24/192kHz?

As a test, I would connect the Node 2i to the network via ethernet and running the same test. I would be interested to see if the WiFi connection could have something to do with this behavior.


Thanks John.

No, It does not occur when transitioning from two tracks that are both 24/192, or the same of any specific resolution. It will occur only when going from tracks of different types, for example a 16/44 track to a 24/192 track or a 24/96 track to a DSD 64 track. I’ll try the ethernet/wifi test later this evening. I’m skeptical about the wifi as when I’m connected via the “airplay 2” option there is no hesitation, and that’s on the same wifi.

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