Is tidal currently down?

Can’t get TIDAL to log in on Roon, but can directly on their website. Anyone else having this issue?

Hi Steven,

Try rebooting your Roon Core and then see if you can log in.

Cheers, Greg

That worked. Thank you!

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Hi @Steven_Hansen,

I’m glad that things are working for you now! So we can better understand what happened here, can you elaborate on what happened leading up to this happening? Were you already logged out when you signed in to Roon today? Did you receive any errors?

Were there any changes to your TIDAL account recently, such as moving from a trial account to a paid account, or a change in billing information?

My Roon Core is on a Synology DS 1618+ and the core was running at the time. No changes to the TIDAL account and I did not log out of the TIDAL account. The rest of Roon was working fine. Perhaps TIDAL does a logout after X number of days for security and somehow I need to restart the core to log back in? The error I was getting was a wrong ID password combination (I was using the right combination. Just could not recognize it). After trying several times ensuring no typos, I went to TIDAL’s webpage and was able to log in and out with my standard settings. Then I posted here. After shutting down the core and restarting, I was able to log in a gain. This has happened at least once before. Forgot to try shutting down the core to solve this but that will be top of mind next time!

For a short period yesterday I had this problem too. All is fine today. I am currently on a trial period with Roon taken up primarily due to a similar annoying issue arising using Tidal with LMS. There it is suggested that Tidal is applying rate limiting to LMS logins (whatever that means). The parallel discussion on the slimdevices forum can be viewed here…

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