Is Tidal in trouble?

Do the reported problems continue? Were there ever any serious problems in the first place?

Please, don’t attribute what goes on in the name of the US these days as the will of the majority of Americans.


Oooh the juiciest gossip so far :grin:

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: and thanks for sharing.

This has been discussed to extinction in other threads. The problem is not Roon, the problem is the other streaming services are not wiling to allow integration of their catalog into Roon.

. . . or, conversely, the problem is Roon’s requirement for “integration”.

Qobuz integrates beautifully with Audirvana, for example.

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You and I have very different definitions of beautifully :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, we are talking to Qobuz.


It isn’t a problem if their vision was correct and others have taken their time coming to realise that.

I just want it to play - and it does so, beautifully :wink:

But certainly happy to hear you’re continuing to talk to Qobuz - they have a great catalog.


They might have a great catalogue, I wouldn’t know as Qobuz isn’t available in my country. Until it is available worldwide why would Roon waste a lot of time on it?

It depends what you consider integration. See music. Play music. Then things integrate. To drive a lot of the Roon UI it needs metadata - and a lot of the streaming companies don’t allow that. Some of them also want to keep folks in their ecosystem - a bit like on the playback thread where folks talk about pdf files opening in another app - Spotify wants you to use their front end. Rather than giving out metadata they want to collect it.

Flies integrate with my windshield. Doesn’t mean I like it.


I would like to see something like a hybrid between Roon and Soundiiz with an ability to install it on any device and also using it while offline. It would be a dream come true :slight_smile:

I think that’s a good point to be fair.

Roons internet radio implementation is pretty poor and has barely improved since launch - in fact I’m genuinely surprised they released it as-is. But that said, I use it every day and it probably constitutes the majority of our household playback. So I’m glad they included it, despite thinking it’s sub-par according to Roons own ‘great user experience’ aspirations.

I think many of us would feel the same about other streaming services - we’d love Roon to aim for perfection, but any solution that actually lets you play music is probably better than none. After all, things can be improved over time.

And very exciting that talks are apparently (still) happening with Qobuz.


Why did Roon waste all that time on MQA? It costs them money in licensing and has a very small user base. There are approximately 30,000 Tidal lossless subscribers, of which only a portion use Roon and a portion of those listen to MQA.

With Qobuz coming to the US later this year, the reason seams obvious to me in comparison to why MQA.


This is not true. We don’t use their metadata.

What we need is the ability to get up-to-date existence of all the content on their platform plus the restrictions on who can play what (regional restrictions).


Come on! You can do better than that! You could blame Trump as well while you are at it! :joy:

Well. I’m loving the Roon MQA and am so pleased they have done this. No cost to me, I get MQA. I expect they can’t please everyone all the time.

I am not based in the USA either. My point is I can use Tidal or MQA if I wish. Can’t say the same for Qobuz.

I’ve been hearing “Qobuz launches in the US” for at least three years. Apparently now it’s going to happen. Unless it doesn’t, of course.

I really hope that Roon manages to get Qobuz. Most of my listening is streaming based, and I suspect this is the case with many others.

Tidal or Qobuz doesn’t really matter to me (as long as I’m able to transition my saved albums from one to the other). But Roon’s viability definitely does, and it would be a shame if it lost customers (and a key part of its functionality) due to Tidal going under.


It sounds like you’re not really interested in Roon’s major product raison d’être it that case - which is rich and deep metadata integration and linking.

There are literally hundreds of players that just play.


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