Is Tidal in trouble?

(Mark) #488

OK, but this is nothing to do with:

Which is the original point you made. So what do you want to talk about?

(Michael Dahlstrom) #489

I was responding to multiple issues in the thread to tick off multiple issues I have with voice directed interfaces and was addressing the three major players in the space. That’s all.

(Henry) #490

Nothing new. They have dropped new releases on Tidal first, and seen an upsurge in new users every time they do so.

(Sean) #491

The exclusive albums thing was mostly abandoned last year - seen as not good for the industry overall.

I can see why Jay-Z chose to keep it exclusive for a couple days (obvious reasons), that but that’s more-so the exception rather than the rule these days.

(Rob OK) #492

So you play an album or a playlist where you know the name? I’ve tried Siri to Sonos and it never gets what I’m saying, so I was curious your examples or syntax or if you just say “play music”. Not a big deal.

(Sean) #493

After I posted this, it looks like the Tidal desktop app has changed again… Now their front page is as it was before (new tracks and new albums etc) and ‘explore’ now has the recommendations. This has nothing to do with Tidal being in trouble but thought I’d update my earlier post after noticing this change.

(Kenneth F Krutsch) #494

Yes. Example: “play Steely Dan Mixer” and poof, it starts. I have a ton of playlists and I am sure to name them with either “mixer” or “collection” at the end so Siri doesn’t think I am asking to play an artist.

Of course, you can say: “play playlist NAME”, but this works for me.

(Rob OK) #495

Thanks, i know it was a basic question. My playlists have names all over the place and get understood wrong. Now, I haven’t really put a ton of time in on it. I usually start a playlist before i start driving and use the steering wheel to skip songs.

(Christoph Longree) #496

Well - I’ve just decided to opt for a lifetime subscription and mainly for the sakes of using Roon with the quality and library Tidal offers… it’d be a pretty big let-down if Tidal were in serious trouble. I really can’t imagine this to be true and I believe Roon most probably knows of the big influence the combination Roon/Tidal has on the decision to go for a lifetime subscription.

But seriously - if Tidal went down, just change to Quboz and integrate it into Roon - and/or any other new service. There’ll always be a market for people willing to pay for quality - it`s not all about the cheap cheap…

(Jimmytwotimes) #497

i think they tried to integrate Qobuz, but Qobuz wasn’t interested. Someone correct me if 'm wrong about this


One thing is how the Qobuz- Roon negotiations went few years ago, fact is there is no other streaming service integrated in Roon, while I know at least ten digital audio SW offers that have integrated multiple streaming services. It seems not to be important to Roon to integrate other services than Tidal. If this is due to contractual conditions with Tidal or anything else is unclear. It looks like other services might get integrated after Tidal gets out of business or maybe never. So I keep Tidal subscription besides my favorite subscription with Qobuz as long as it is affordable for me, but I feel wasting some money! Tidal only is no question and would be too limited for me as I buy hires and profit from the sublime offer (and (hopefully?) create revenues for artists I like).

(Geoff Coupe) #499

That seems to be a big assumption on your part. From what Danny has said, a major reason would seem to be that none of the other services are prepared to meet Roon’s requirements for integration.

(Greg) #500

I understand that Enno did a couple of Roon presentations at Oxford Audio Consultants last Saturday. I have been told (and I don’t know if this was part of his presentation or in a private conversation) that he clearly stated that an association with Qobuz will happen at some point in the future. I have no further information and no time envelope was revealed. Of course, we should take into consideration that Qobuz’s current drive is to be set up, accepted and used in N. America which no doubt is where their energies are currently being applied. I have good reason to believe what I have been told. My source is reliable.


Extremely lame from Roon to say all these services do not want to meet our requirements, so we cannot integrate them. To me this sounds like nogociations ‚A l‘Americaine‘ these days. Others do much better!

(Robert ) #502

It’s Roon’s call on how and with whom they choose to integrate with. I’m sure this topic is of generally high importance to the Roon team.

Unless you are part of the Roon inner circle you don’t have a clue as to the business decision(s) surrounding Roon Labs’ setting up and/or negotiating streaming services with other companies.

(Steve) #503

I’m not saying this to be contraversial but I think there are always various solutions to solving problems. Now, whether Roon want to design/create those solutions, or have the resources or business desire to do so, is another matter.

(Robert ) #504

It takes two to tango. Part of the issue could be limitations set by the streaming partners. It’s a positive that Qobuz could be a future streaming partner, especially if Tidal’s reported problems continue. I’d like to see Deezer in the mix as well. Their Sonos Elite service was very good.

(Christoph Longree) #505

Do the reported problems continue? Were there ever any serious problems in the first place?

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #506

Please, don’t attribute what goes on in the name of the US these days as the will of the majority of Americans.

(Sean) #507

Oooh the juiciest gossip so far :grin:

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: and thanks for sharing.