Is Tidal in trouble?

(Henry) #548

I suppose it should be pointed out that this isn’t Tidal short changing us but quite often the artist or rights owner choosing not to put lossless versions of their music on the platform.

(Sean) #549

Noted. I didn’t suggest being short changed - I suggested it could be an accident that slipped through the cracks. Quite rightly, it could be a deliberate artist/label decision as you say.

Odd because it’s just one album in this case - all his other albums are on the same label too.

I’ll ping Tidal Support.

(Henry) #550

Don’t worry, it was written without seeing your post, not suggesting you were maligning Tidal!

(Sean) #551

Hehe all good Henry.


Yes! Thanks that was what I meant.

(Greg Hill) #553

The drumbeat of doom pounds on …


I sure hope Tidal and Qobuz stick around. Around 90% of my music listening is from Tidal and I would hate to have to go back to buying music just to get resonable sound quality.

All of my friends use Spotify, but even some of them have been surprised by the SQ difference between Tidal lossless and Spotify. Not surprised enough to change though, since they always think that their home system or headphones won’t be able to deliver that improvement.

Unfortunately the nerdy part of music listening is maybe not big enough for these streaming options to survive. Tidal has other things going and maybe Qobuz too, though I have never been able to try their service.

(Christoph Longree) #555

…so what happened to all the „tidal will run out of money in the first half of 2018“… still runs fine over here… :v:

(Jimmytwotimes) #556

Well i have to say that all the talk of Tidal’s demise had encouraged me to consider buying more physical cd’s again.

(Christoph Longree) #557

I buy Vinyl for keeps - Tidal works fine for digital

(Jeff) #558

We’ll see what happens when you finish fine tuning your digital system. :grinning:

(Christoph Longree) #559

Haha - true. I have a tendency toward the new G1 paired with the Schiit…

(Art Drugal) #560

I recently swapped tons of titles in AAC 96kbps/22 kHz out of my playlists using Audirvana to visualize the bad quality. Tidal doesn’t tell you. I always thought that “grayed out HiFi” does mean 320 kbps AAC on a Mac. But it doesn’t. There are very few “LoFi” titles in 320 kbps in my library. Most of the “LoFi” titles are only 96kbps/22khz.

Bruce Cockburn is one of the many artists heavily concerned by quality issues. Nearly all of his albums are in lowest quality (AAC 96kbps/22 kHz) only.

(Armin Kern) #561

even if quboz will be integrated into roon, I don’t waste my money on quboz! Bat catalogue for my music, in app sales and every 3-5th track, it is forbidden to stream. I made my freedom with Tidal and MQA files and dropped Quboz.


(John Walker) #562

On the other hand, Qobuz has a MUCH deeper catalog of classical and jazz music, which is my priority.

So I’d be happy to drop Tidal and go with Qobuz.

Horses for courses.

(Armin Kern) #563

Bruce Cockburn on Tidal?


As much as I’d like to have multiple options for streaming services supported by Roon, I do really hope Tidal figures out a way to get their finances in order. While there have been speed bumps along the way, things have steadily gotten better and I’m super happy with the current Roon+Tidal experience. It sounds great, is remarkably reliable and it seems less common now that I’m not able to find a particular song or album on Tidal.

(JC) #565

Tidal’s reply time for customer service is the shitz…over 4 days in a row for 2 instances…i’m not the only one kavetching about such, either…seems more commonplace nowadays…are they down to a bare bones skeleton staff?

(Nelson Parker) #566

Tidal’s problem comes down to 1 thing. Arrogance.
One look at page one when opening the app, you know who owns Tidal. You know what the staff at Tidal like. Rap music. Very little there of what you, the paying customer is interested in. I’m not dissing rap music, everyone has their own tastes.

If they want to expand past the 3 million subscribers they’ve been stuck at for three years, the app needs to be way more customizable. You should be seeing what you want when the app opens, not what JayZ or his workers like. Unless that changes, Tidal will fail.


I don’t know about their music selection, but I have experienced their customer service, or lack of it. I can’t see why they should have my subscription.

Here is my story…

A couple weeks ago, I decided to try Tidal based on all the positive comments in this community. I found a six month trial offer and signed up. However, when I logged in I noticed that the streaming quality was standard. So, I contacted customer service and requested that they give me a trial with MQA, so that I can evaluate it and make up my mind.

After no response for 5 days, I received a message stating that my request had been consolidated with some one else’s. The would be OK if the issues were the same, but tragically, they were not even close!

I therefore sent them a gentle nudge pointing out that fact. After another 5 odd days, I finally heard back, this time stating that I had signed up for a 30 day subscription on 7/4 and that my trial was now over. Hilarious, as I had signed up for the trial on 8/10!

If this is their customer service when they are trying to sell me something, I can’t imagine what it will be once they have me hooked. If my experience is par, they deserve to go under.

I took the life subscription to Roon because it made digital listening as enjoyable as my LPs. I like the stories, and pictures, and that’s great. I however hope that Roon offers other alternatives to Tidal. I subscribe to two other services and would love to see them offered. If Sonos can, why not Roon?