Is Tidal stream with Roon lossless HIFI? I need some help

I have a premium tidal account becuase I would like CD quality streaming- however through my Mac mini using chrome as required by tidal to get HIFI, the HIFI ‘choice’ for streaming remains greyed out.
I have done everything tidal suggests in terms of making sure the correct plugins are in place and the nacl is enabled.
I am waiting for tidal support to explain how to fix this.

So my question is when I use tidal through roon do I get the Hifi stream?
In other words does it circumvent the issue I ma having with using tidal directly.

The set-up is macmini with roon and tidal premium connected ifi iddd sac. I control the system through the roon remote app from an iPad mini.

Any help and advice would very much be appreciated because if i cannot get tidal properly it defeats the purpose of the entire set up- which was to have cd quality streaming.

Many thanks for your help and thoughts.

If you have the Premium account ($10) then you aren’t getting CD quality. The HiFi account ($20) is CD quality.

Roon will stream the quality that your Tidal account supports.

Cheers, Greg

My apologies- i should have specified better- I did upgrade my account and hifi is still greyed out- why would that be?

Ah, ok. The best way to tell is to play a Tidal song through Roon and then click the coloured dot next to the song playing at the bottom of the screen. That will bring up the Signal Path. It should say Tidal and Flac.

See mine.

Cheers, Greg

For streaming Tidal without Roon on your Mac, you could just go to the Tidal website and download their app. With the app, you also have access to MQA.

Cheers, Greg

unfortunately the dot next to the song is green rather than purple as in yours- which means it is high quality streaming.
Prior to roon I have been using tidal standalone- but it is simply not letting me stream in hifi- hifi continues to be greyed out.
So I am not sure what to do to fix this- i have written tidal suport but have yet to get an answer.

Hello, I am trying to understand how to get the best possible audio stream from tidal.
I have a hifi subscription to tidal although the hifi choice is greyed out- I am trying to get an answer from tidal to fix it.
However i am trying to understand a bit better what roon is telling about the quality of my stream.
Mac mini has the roon core and it is controlled through my ipad mini using the roon remote application.
The mac mini is hardwired to an ifi idsd dac.

When i play a song from tidal i see a green dot next to the song rather than purple. When I open it the chain is

System output (green dot)

Tidal Flac etc (purple dot)

My macmini
Roon advanced audio transport (purple dot)

Output (green dot)
OS mixer

So ia not clear what is the quality of the stream I am getting- am getting cd quality? I assumed this would imply a purple dot and that high quality is below that as per tidal’s differentiation between Hi and HIFI.

Can you please explain and help me set up roon properly to play a bit perfect stream.

I moved your new topic back into your old thread. Let’s keep them together.

Looking at your post above, it looks like you are getting Tidal HiFi into Roon, just not out to your speakers.

I have a good idea what’s wrong. Can you post a screenshot of your green Signal Path, like I did above?

Also, in Settings > Audio, can you post a screenshot of this page too.

Cheers, Greg

i am not sure if the settings screen shot will help- i can go into the individual ones but they are all set up in playback with exclusive mode and highest bit and sample rate etc

Ok, you said earlier you were using the ifi DAC, so give it a name where it says Unnamed.

Then click the gears icon next to it and select a Device Settings. Is there a Playback tab with an Exclusive Mode toggle? If so, toggle it to Yes. Then Save.

On the bottom right of the screen, click on System Output and change it to IFI DAC (or whatever you named it).

Try playing music now.

Cheers, Greg