Is Tidal update automatic?

When I first exposed my library (on NAS) to Roon, it went out and found related material on Tidal. But as I add new cd’s to my library I don’t seem to be getting new related Tidal material.

Related, but not exactly the same, what is the delay between Tidal getting new Albums and Roon displaying them? Does it vary according to popularity/metadata providers or what?

I wanted to listen to the new Muse album, Drones which is released today. However, I can’t find it in Roon, yet it’s already Album of the Week on the main Tidal site.

If it’s just a question of a few hours while metadata propagates then fine.
I just got the impression that Tidal had been very open and the integration was very tight. Presumably not quite that tight :smile:

It is automatic, just every few days right now… I just had a meeting with them this morning about making this daily or even more often.

Waiting patiently to listen to the new Muse album. :smile:

I noticed that it updated for me this evening! Took a while, I didn’t check out all the additions but they were numerous.

some things update more often… the latest tends to be 3-4 days.

For me, every day would at least be a known regular timespan and not too much of an inconvenience.
And if it just happened to be less than a day I could then consider it a bonus.

When you don’t know the sync time and you’re waiting a few days it may gnaw away at the pleasure with what are otherwise great services.

One of the pitfalls of setting the bars so high :smile: