Is Using HQPlayer a: Spending a Little Time To Set it and Then Forget it?

I have been using Roon for a while now and one thing I like about it is that after spending time setting it up once, you just use a phone or tablet and forget about all the computer stuff going on underground.

Does HQPlayer work the same way?

I am making a commitment to HQPlayer. I just ordered a windows PC where I plan to install Roon Core and HQPlayer. I plan to upconvert everything to DSD512. So I am hopeful that once I have time getting everything dialed in, I just use my phone and tablet with Roon and don’t have to deal with computer gremlins.

So…is HQPlayer a “set it and forget it” type of software?

(Of course I realize and expect that from time to time there will be software upgrades)

I’m sure you can set it up that way. But,when I used HQP it made me tinker more. There are so many settings to tweak you can easily get lost in that process. It doesnt help.when you realize that you prefer different settings for different genres

After the initial learning curve, yes it can be.

You will spend some initial time also trying to find filter settings that you most like but over time you might settle on settings and not change anything.

The tinkering stage involves listening to lots of music so it’s not all that bad :grin:

If you’re using a direct USB connnection from server to DAC then you’re fine. But if you’re considering a networked endpoint I’d highly recommend a micro/ultraRendu. I got an Allo USBridge working too but needed command line stuff to change some settings but it became rock solid.

In my case I would say: mostly yes, after experimenting quite a bit to fine tune the setting to something universally good.
If one feels the need to change settings for different music qualities or even formats, I see it as going into digital tweaking and it ends up diverting from the finality of playing music. In my opinion such “instability” has to be linked to other issues, specifically hardware (all hardware, from DAC to all cables including power lines), that reveals more on certain types of tracks. I would highly recommend to optimize everything on the hardware side and only then find the HQplayer setup that gives a positive delta on virtually all recordings, once 100% satisfied (both hardware and HQ settings) on reference recordings, that includes playing natural sounds, that must sound… as perfectly natural as enabled by the setup.
Hope this helps,

Thank you very much for the feedback. Your answers are most encouraging. I do not mind experimenting with different settings/filter from time to time, I just did not want to have to have to troubleshoot computer gremlins on a regular basis.
Thanks to everyone who replied!

Shouldn’t be required on a regular basis (and nobody likes that). But initially, be prepared for a potential nightmare…

Plenty of great support though, by users and Jussi himself.

Basically, you have to test/listen to the various types of filters in HQP and see which one(s) you prefer. You can narrow down the choices by reading the descriptions of the filters in the manual.
Once you pick one or two you like best, yes, you can set it and forget it.

So true.

There are just so many variables.

As Sean says if going from PC to DAC there are less issues. For me getting an NAA to work is proving more problematic.


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Is this the current manual? or is there something newer. I’m just beginning to use embedded version 4.1.1 but will look to upgrade to 4.2.0

No, that is very old one. You can find latest HQPlayer Desktop manual by installing the latest HQPlayer Desktop. If you have a Mac, you don’t even need to install it, the manual is separate in the DMG file.

HQPlayer Embedded comes with readme.txt, but it is quite different thing compared to the manual of HQPlayer Desktop. I will add HTML help into Embedded at some point… Until then you can use manual of Desktop version for more help on the various features. Features are largely the same, just look different.

Thanks, it didn’t dawn on my to download the desktop version as I only have the embedded.

Do you have instructions for updating embedded 4.1.1 to 4.2.0?

Just an update. I have now installed my new PC with Roon/HQPlayer and connected the PC to my DAC (USB connection). Everything is working great.

I set the computer up so that both Roon and HQPlayer start automatically when the PC is turned on. Also, I am using the Windows RD Client App on my tablet which allows me to control the PC with my iPad when the PC is running. By using the tablet to control the computer I can do away with the computer keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

The bottom line is that unless I need to change a setting in HQPlayer, I just turn the computer on and in about a minute everything is up and running. It works great.

Thanks everyone!!