Is Wifi connection a prerequisite for an Iphone to show up as output?

I’m kinda troubleshooting how to get access over remote/VLANS and stepped into issues on my iphone.

I’m not asking for general networking help, I just want to know if there is something in the code that is disabling iphone as a output if the phone is not connected to a wifi network?

The IPhone has to be in the same Subnet. This is not the case, when not connected by Wifi. It is possible to get remote Access by setting up a VPN, but this is not officially supported.

Well, that’s not really the case here - it’s in the same subnet on both mobile and wifi (over VPN, locally).

Might be some broadcast not reaching over though…

Yes, it’s possible to get it working with VPN. But the VPN and the LAN need to be in the same subnet (or routed properly), and broadcast-messages have to be routed, too.

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Ok, so it’s confirmed that it does work (someone got it working) on an iphone with only mobile data connection, and VPN?

Not sure on the IPhone. I think it should be more or less the same as for Android.

And yes, I can hear through VPN on my Android-Phone. But I had to change settings for the VPN to allow routing of broadcast packets. Without broadcasting (but same subnet) you can connect to the core, but can’t use the Phone as Audio-Device.

Cool. Got it working now. Doing a direct WG-tunnel endpoint on my Roon-core and on the phone. Had to default route all traffic first, but seems to work now. Very nice :slight_smile:

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Glad you got something working. As mentioned, this is not a supported deployment, and as such, belongs in the Tinkering section; which is where I moved it to.