Is Windows 10 a Must?

Will a new Roon install work on my laptop which is still running Win 8?

Try it and see. Minimum OS is still WIN 7 I believe, so no reason why it should not work on that count. However your laptop needs to have an SSD ideally or it will run Roon very slowly. There are still some users running WIN 7, so it should work.
EDIT: Minimum specs now listed as WIN 10:

thanks, decided to go with an Intel NUC 8.

Win7 and Win8 may need newer service packs or other software, as we are soon deprecating TLS 1.0 support. Other parts of the operating system are going to die off, and Roon will become incompatible with these operating systems.

Our requirements show Win10, so if you have issues with Win8, you will be on your own.

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