ISO-HUB USB Isolation

John Kennys new products are worth taking a look at too. I had a Ciunas Dac and bought the ISO-HUB , it really is excellent.

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Tony informed me that he posted something here about my ISO-HUB device
If anybody has any questions I’d be delighted to try answering them

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Hi John,

I’ve just ordered an ultrarendu and wonder where the ISO-HUB would fit in the chain and what it might bring to the party?

I use a Hugo TT so am very interested in the battery powered concept as I believe this is a large element in me moving form a Naim CD555 CD player to Roon via Raspberry Pi -> Chord Hugo TT.


Hi John
The ISO-HUB would sit just before the Hugo TT - a USB cable connecting the TT to one of the ISO-HUB’s 4 USB isolated & cleaned USB ports. This would provide an even cleaner USB signal to the TT

It would also be interesting to see how connecting a USB stick (or USB SSD) containing your music into one of the ISO-HUBs USB ports compared to music served from the ultrarendu or Raspberry Pi.

I have a microrendu & would be interested in hearing this configuration in your system with Hugo TT DAC - maybe we could set something up?

Hi John,
as you mention it I did wonder at the 4 USB outputs.
When you mention adding a USB stick are you envisaging using this through Roon?

I think you’ll find most of us here and wedded to Roon and are less likely to have a computer connected to our DAC directly.


Maybe some experienced Roon users can answer this - if a microrendu is connecting to a USB DAC through a multiport USB hub, does Roon have access to the music files stored on a USB stick plugged into another USB port on the HUB?

I guess the microrendu will determine if this two way communication is possible?

If yours isn’t the typical Roon configuration, can you describe what is?

I second this. If you have an uR, get an Iso-ps to power it. It is absolutely fantastic. It is the best setup I have ever heard :wink:

Nice review , posting for anyone interested . I have one and continue to be very impressed by it .