ISO(Suse NAS)->Jriver(windows)->Roon(MacMini)->HQ player(MAC OSX Server)->AresII->JBL Speakers

Simply, how can make to Roon read iso’s and play it? My speakers sounds better with Jriver when it plays directly from ISO’s. Converting to DSF is not giving the same sound. Please don’t throw me numbers but it is listening that makes the difference.
Or How can I make HQ player play iso’s directly?

Or can I connect Roon to Jriver as I like a lot of features on the Roon software.

Roon does not play ISO’s. Roon does not take input from Jriver. As for HQPlayer, I don’t know. @jussi_laako would know for sure.

HQPlayer doesn’t support ISO files. DSD content is supported in DSF, DSDIFF (uncompressed) and WavPack.

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Thank you Jussi and Daniel.

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