[ISP-Related] - ARC with IPv6 only provider (DS Lite)

Is it possible to run ARC with IPv6? My Provider 1&1 (like many others in Germany) does not offer a IPv4 address anymore. It uses DS Lite.

If ARC doesn’t work with IPv6, are there plans to upgrade it to modern standards?

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Same here.
After extended fiddling with UPnP and manual port forwarding I had to give up.
Punching a hole into the firewall and exposing a port feels so 2000ish…
Especially because I read elsewhere that the exposed port is visible to port scans. It seems Roon has not implemented port knocking.

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I think so. Have you tried it?

Any news here?
Has anybody solved the problem Roon ARC/1&1/Fritz Box?

Sorry, the only solution could be, to wait for the FRITZ!Box update which enables WireGuard. It makes it possible to create a VPN over IPv6 only. Maybe it happens earlier than Roon is updating the outdated Network stuff.