Issue Bluesound Vault2

(Alain Delvaux) #1

I have just started my trial and Roon looks great. It deserves to get a greater visibility and I’m happy to support this.
However, Roon which runs on a Mac “sees” my Ampli NAD T758 and the BlueSound Player 2 but not my BlueSound Vault2 (which is connected to a pair of speakers in the kitchen so it’s important). How can I integrate the Vault2 and its speakers in my new room environment (
Best regards,

(John) #3

Hello @Alain_Delvaux,

Are you able to see the Bluesound Vault 2 from the Mac running Roon when you run the BluOS Controller app on it?


(Alain Delvaux) #4

Hello John,

Yes indeed. I see the Vault2 when running the Bluesound controller app on my Mac.


(John) #5

Hello @Alain_Delvaux,

Try power cycling (remove power cord, wait one minute, then plug power back in) both the Bluesound Vault 2 as well as your internet router. It appears that something is preventing the Roon Ready protocol from connecting to your Vault 2. By rebooting both devices, you will reset the routing tables and kick off a new round of discovery. We do not see this issue happen often, hopefully this will be a one time fix.